The Greenspan Put and the Yellen Call

In today's Guardian, I make the case for a more aggressive financial stabilization policy,  "No more boom and bust? The financial policy committee has time on its side". I argue that the Bank of England's FPC should buy shares in the stock market when the PE ratio is low, and sell them when it is high.

Kimdriver makes the following comment.
The Greenspan put with real teeth ?
My worry is that, while CAPE has historically been a good predictor of future returns, the level that the FPC should be ready to intervene would have to be set so low that it might be fairly useless. Otherwise the safety net would just encourage increased irrational exuberance.
My response ...
I am not arguing just for a Greenspan Put: but also for a Yellen Call. It is just as dangerous to allow market bubbles as it is to allow them to crash.
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