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Economics Blogs 2019
Roger E. A. Farmer

Roger E. A. Farmer

About Me

I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick.  I am also an Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Economics at UCLA. You can find links here to my books, my published papers, my working papers and my CV as a pdf file. I also write a blog, Roger Farmer's Economic Window where I post thoughts, comments and op ed pieces. You can follow me on Twitter at @farmerrf.

I am on the Management Team of Rebuilding Macroeconomics, an ESRC sponsored Network Plus located at NIESR. I am also a co-leader of the Instability hub along with Jean-Philippe Bouchaud of École Polytechnique.  Rebuilding Macroeconomics is charged with funding creative new ideas in macroeconomics that are relevant for economic policy.

CEPR links to IJET Festschrift

The International Journal of Economic Theory has released a Festschrift in my honor, publicized by the CEPR. The issue is ungated. Here are links to three articles. 1. Introduction, 2. Celebrating Roger Farmer, 3. Personal Comments from Friends. Thank you everyone who contributed.

Upcoming Conferences

  1. Following successful 2017 and 2018 conferences at the Bank of England, I will be co-organizing a similar event in December 2019. The title for this conference will be “New Approaches to Modeling Expectations in Economics”. Programme Coming Soon.

Featured Publications

  • My new paper “Some International Evidence for Keynesian Economics without the Phillips Curve”, joint with Giovanni Nicolò, has been accepted for publication in the Manchester School. The paper is available here.

  • There is now a new version of my working paper with Pawel Zabczyk, with a brand new title: “A Requiem for the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level”: available here.

  • My discussion of John Muelbauer’s paper “The Future of Macroeconomics” presented at the Conference in Honor of Vítor Constâncio, at the ECB May 16th - 17th 2018 is now published here.

  • My paper with Konstantin Platonov, Animal Spirits in a Monetary Model, is now published in the European Economic Review, Volume 115 pages 60-77. This version includes a new Appendix that develops a version of our model using the Perpetual Youth model of Blanchard.

  • This paper remains a favourite of mine and is well worth a read. The Natural Rate Hypothesis: An idea past its sell-by-date Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, September Q3, pages 244-256, 2013

New Working Papers

  • My new working paper, “The Indeterminacy Agenda in Macroeconomics” is now available here.