Cách Nên Kinh Tê Vân Hành

For all my Vietnamese readers: the Vietnamese edition of my book, How the Economy Works, is now available.  You can order it here. My apologies to all those of you who read Vietnamese: Apple has not yet figured out how to add all of the accents used in Vietnamese.

You can now order How the Economy Works in hardback, paperback,  audio and on Kindle. Its also available in Hungarian and Vietnamese

Here is what one reviewer said about the book on Amazon

This is a timely book to spark debate & reflection following the September 2008 financial crisis that is still with us in 2010...   In this book ...   leading economist professor Roger E. A. Farmer dissects the current economic meltdown ; suggesting how the economics must change to get out of the doldrums. Professor Roger E. A. Farmer traces the swings between classical & Keynesian economics since the early twentieth century, explaining the elements of both theories. ... He adopts the principle that markets do not always work well & that capitalism needs some strategic guidance to improve. ...A highly recommended reading, clear & accessible to the general public to hopefully spark debate on this current important issue.  M. Mariba